I saw a new shop in the neighborhood and as i walked in i saw they have very nice lady dresses. I loved a beautiful pink gown and i spoke with the lovely lady who`s the owner of the store and asked her if i can view the dress and try it on. The owner was so polite and answered to all my questions. My experience in the store was that i walked out with a wonderful smile. Thank you to the owner you do beautiful work

Livia A.  from Toronto  designer


I dropped by Professional Sew & Fit located in Toronto, Ontario in hopes of having my bridesmaid dress made for a wedding I was a part of which was taking place in Winnipeg, Manitoba in July 2012.  From my initial meeting, Adriana was very pleasant to deal with. She listened to my ideas for a dress and made her own suggestions. I was very impressed at how quickly she was able to make my dress, which turned out to be more than what I had envisioned it to be!

The had asked for ruffles at the bottom of my dress, and I loved the detailed work that Adriana put into making my dress. I had only needed to go for 2 dress fittings before being able to take home the final piece!

Attached is a photo of the dress as I wore it for my friend's wedding! I am very pleased with the courteous service, outstanding turn around time and professional detailing that Adriana took in completing my bridesmaid dress. I highly recommend Professional Sew & Fit as a place to have something tailor made for you!

I have decided to stay in Winnipeg and will miss out on the wonderful free service that Professional Sew & Fit offers to its customers with its free alterations within a year of having a dress made, but if I am ever in Toronto again, I will surely drop by and say "hello"!

Shedlmor Sevillo
Winnipeg, M



  I never had before a one place for my alterations , always did them at dry cleaners but i was never satisfied and i had actually some garments ruined. I started to wear the garments that i liked most as i purchased them fearing that doing alterations will ruin them ... until i met Adriana . She does a really professional work , i can never see where she altered my garment and they always fit well. This is my only alteration shop that i use and i recommend it always  to all my friends.

Joanna B.    Toronto


  The wedding dress that i ordered in a bridal store arrived 2 size bigger and also came late had only 1 week till the wedding. It was really a nightmare i was desperate. This is the only store that was able to fix my dress and finish it in less than 1 week. I was ready to buy something off the rack because i was afraid the dress will not be the same after alterations, but i was amazed to see that  the dress was not changed at all . It was a perfect fit and there were no signs of alterations. They saved my wedding day. I definitely go back for any alterations that i need.

Luisa M.    Toronto





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